Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forestry Society Of Kenya Elects New Offoce Bearers

The new office bearers - (L-R) The Treasurer Mr. Kepha Wamichwe, Secretary Ms. Anne Bora and Chairman Mr.John Mbaya 
Members of the Society pose for a group photograph after the Annual General Meeting. In the background is the Chief Conservator's house now christened Forest House at the Nairobi Arboretum.
The Forestry Society of Kenya was registered in 1970 to offer a forum for discussion among professional foresters and other persons interested in forestry development and environmental conservation. The society also creates a platform where foresters sit together and share their experiences, new trends in their career and they discuss ways of improving the forestry sector.

Currently the society is looking forward to promote professionalism and well being of Kenya’s forestry sector through strengthened professionalism in research and policy to influence conservation and management of forests. The society also contributes to sustainable and effective forest management through research projects and publications. To achieve all these, the society elected its leaders on April 15th 2010 where John Mbaya was elected as the Chairman of the society, Ann Bora the secretary and Kepha Wamichwe Treasurer. They will serve for a 2 year term.   
Report courtesy of Martin Masila


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    The above information is misleading. The officials quoted above are just but Nairobi regional officials. The meeting was not an AGM for the society but a special meeting to elect Nairobi regional officials.

    The Chairman of the society is called Philip wamahiu,Dr Allan Oduol is secretary, Ms Charity Muthoni is Treasurer and Enock kanyanya is Vice Treasurer.

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    poooh this society is one sleeping giant mpaka strangers are helping them know themselves since they cant even keep an office functional, vote them out!

  3. FSK, shape in order to have an ethical and professional standing on matters relating to forestry

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  5. who are thz officials? A quasi team who have no identity as FORESTERS. Tell them to shout out their roles nationally, internationally?

  6. There is a renewed spirit in the country. We need to embrace that and handle things professionally. Im not a member but ought to be. From the comments you can see that things are not in order at the society. What is the mandate of Kenya Forest Society? What work do you do? The body is supposed to put KFS on check. like the shoddy licences awarded by KFS that has seen serious illegal logging come back in many parts of the country specifically Nabkoi, Timboroa, Kipkurere. People cant tell me this is not happening.....! Lets look for a sustainable solution. Prosecution of corrupt individuals at the KFS HQs wont help. Kenya Forest society with credible leaders who will talk for the kenyan forests is a solution.