Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emali III curtain falls

The third bunch of KFS senior officers training at the Administration Police Senior Staff College in Emali are scheduled to graduate on 23rd July 2010. The group consisting 34 officers of the ranks of Assistant Director and above has successfully completed the six weeks paramilitary training and looking forward to their graduation.

The group comprises five ladies and twenty nine gentlemen, marking it so far, the group with the highest numbers of ladies training in a group. Those interviewed indicated the training has been tough but worth it.

While the whole team has excelled four individuals displayed outstanding performance and are lined up for awards. They include for the award of ‘student of the Course’ Assistant Director in charge of PFM and Fire Management Mr. Daniel Mbithi; for the award of ‘Best Officer in Drill’’ Assistant Director in charge of the Lake Victoria Management Project Ms. Beatrice Mbula; for the award of ‘All Round Lady Student’ Senior Assistant Director in charge of Farm Forestry Ms. Jennifer Ngige who was also the parade adjutant; And finally for the award of ‘Best Marksman’ Assistant Director deputizing NRM project implementation Mr. Jafferson M. Kitti. Mr. Kitti scored154 points out of a possible 200 points.

During a rehearsal for the parade early Thursday, the Commandant AP Training College Mr. Omar Abdi Shurie, MBS, OGW, HSC, EXCEL GD II (EGY) who was presiding the event noted the group had put in tremendous effort and the results were paying off. He encouraged the team to utilize the remaining between now and the event time to perfect the parade presentation.

The graduation ceremony will be presided over by the KFS Board of Management Chairman Prof. Richard Musangi.

Report by Charles Ngunjiri


Pomp As KFS Trainees Honor Instructors

It was pomp and color when a KFS senior staff group christened Emali III attending the paramilitary induction course held a party in honor of their trainers.

The team organized the party besides a hectic schedule in recognition of the efforts put in by their trainers in inculcating the culture of a disciplined force. The group which is the third to honor the trainers of the KFS groups attending the training was delighted and had something to say about each training officer of the Administration Police Senior Staff Training College.

In a twist from the past, a number of KFS officers presented on behalf of the team to the trainers KFS publicity items with brief remarks on how a particular trainer had contributed in training the individual.

In his remarks on behalf of the KFS Director, Head of Corporate Communications Mr. Raphael Mworia noted there was a marked difference between trained and yet to be trained officers. He said the training is positively impacting on the perception the public holds of the Service especially at the Zones.

The group is scheduled to graduate on 23rd July 2010.

Report by Charles Ngunjiri  

Formation Of Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust (K-FEET) Underway

Nobel Laureate Hon. Prof. Wangari Maathai (right) stresses a point to her conservation colleague with Alice Macaire, Chairperson of Friends of Karura Association: The two were part of a meeting to discuss the formation of the formation of an education center to be located at the former Shell Club in Karura Forest. 

Achim Steiner, Executive Director UNEP (right) and Jimmy Mugerwa Country Chairman Shell (left) listen to Christian Lambretchs UNEP Program Officer during a discussion on the establishment of Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust. 

Formation of the Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust is in the final stages after the key stakeholders agreed on the contents of the trust deed during a meeting held at Shell Offices on Tuesday 20th July 2010. The Trust will guide management of the former Shell Club located in Karura Forest, which is now expected to be turned into an environmental education centre that will be open to the public and particularly targeting school children.

Present at the meeting was Achim Steiner, Executive Director UNEP, and Nobel Laureate, Hon. Prof. Wangari Maathai, both of who pledged their support to the non –profit Centre. The center is expected to provide recreational and conferencing facilities and it will include construction features that emphasize environmental conservation and embrace green technologies such as solar lighting. The ultimate aim will be to educate the public on the importance of the environment and how it contributes to people’s lives. 

The trust will draw its capital from donations and contributions and a team of trustees will oversee investment ventures. The team of trustees includes Kenya Shell Ltd, Kenya Forest Service, Green Belt Movement, Friends of Karura Community Forest Association and Oshwal Education & Relief Board. The 16 acres piece of land is currently leased by Kenya Shell Ltd. for a period of 23 years and all further construction will be controlled by the Board of Trustees. The Center is expected to host a photo gallery, an archive of Karura Forest which has a rich history, a library focusing on conservation materials, sports facilities and a revolving gallery that will focus on various conservation issues. The Centre is closely located to the Karura nature trail hence it provides a great opportunity for the public to learn and visit the nearby forest consisting of caves and a scenic waterfall. 

Report by Anne Kaari

Its Easy Connecting To Kenya Forest Service HQs Now!

In an effort to improve communications with the various customers, stakeholders and general public, we have acquired more telephone lines from all the local operators so as to ease communication with the Headquarters. We have gone further and placed adverts in the local press to ensure that this information reaches far and wide. Kindly share with others.

 Kenya Forest Service wishes to hear from you.
We have installed the following new telephone lines & emails to help you reach our Karura Headquarters easily.
Service Provider
Telephone Number/Email/Fax
Telkom Wireless
020-2385374 (Fax)

You can also use the following lines & emails for specific reasons indicated:-
Service Offered
Telephone Number/Email/Fax

Director’s Office

Public Relations
020-2395512 (Fax)

Report Forest Destruction
Report Corruption to Integrity Line
Report other Complaints to
Reach Ministry of Forestry Hotline (Toll Free)
Please note that our old Landlines 020-3754904/5/6 are currently out of order due to cable vandalism. We will notify you once they return to service.
Kenya Forest Service
PO Box 30513-00100 Nairobi
Trees for better lives

Friday, July 16, 2010

KFS Wins Accolades For Outstanding Display At Nakuru ASK Show

Antony Nguthiru forester Elburgon division explains to students from Mariashoni Primary School about the Mau Conservancy through an outdoor model. The students were curious to learn more about the Mau Forest Complex within which their school is located. 

Students observe how toothpicks are made from wood pieces, from one of the forest -based entrepreneurial businesses that were on display at the KFS Nakuru show stand.

The Kenya Forest Service stand at the Nakuru Agricultural Show impressed all and sundry due to its outstanding display and well organized outline of forestry activities. During the official opening ceremony, His Excellency the President Hon. Mwai Kibaki, M.P. informed the public of KFS mandate noting that the government through the Service would endeavor to reforest the country and a target to conserve 100,000 ha was planned in the current financial year. In addition, 930 hectares under the Kazi Kwa Vijana programme would be planted.

The main forestry activities were well showcased at the KFS stand and visitors got to see a well conserved indigenous forest which was not just a model but an actual forest, planted several years back. The stand flowed from a well presented information center to a miniature ground model of Mau Conservancy and on to a tree nursery complete with fruit seedlings, indigenous, exotic and ornamental tree seedlings. A model forest station with a customer care desk and a fire tower clearly depicted the work done by foresters and forest rangers. A well –modeled ecotourism site was carefully placed within the indigenous forest, clearly outlining ecotourism activities such as boardwalks, camping sites, bird-watching and an ecotourism lodge. LANAMEDUBA a CFA group was also at hand to showcase its activities in the areas they represent. An impeccable model of agro –forestry also stood out with its fully grown food crops and trees.

In line with the show theme ‘Driving agri –business in attaining food sufficiency and Vision 2030,’ a display of entrepreneurial ventures was essential, hence exhibitors dealing with forest related products were at hand with their displays. On exhibit were products such as herbal medicine, wood carvings, furniture and charcoal pellets made from charcoal dust mixed with soil. The raw materials for making these products are obtained from forests.

One of the main concerns by visitors was the Mau Forest Complex, which has featured prominently in the press in the last two years. A lot of questions were raised regarding the MFC and visitors were curious to learn of its geographical outline as depicted in maps. Students were informed of the twelve lakes that originate from the MFC. Hundreds of visitors got to learn more about forestry and KFS managed to scoop position two in the best Environmental Management Trade stand. The show took place from 14th to 18th July 2010.

Report by Anne Kaari

Fire & Manoeuvre – Range Shooting at Oloshoibor

The Emali III group in a group photo after the closing of the manoeuvre  in Oloshoibor 

It was a site to behold during the final day of range exercise for 34 Senior KFS Officers (5 ladies and 29 men) who are training in the Ngong, Oloshoibor APTC Range. The charged air, as they rushed to and fro in military formations, only seen in war zones was impressive and it was hard to believe that they were senior officers used to working in Offices and not the fierce and mean looking solders shooting and rushing around like the American Marines.

The chief guest at the occasion was the Regional Commandant Nairobi,Col. (Rtd). Otieno who was representing the Director KFS Mr. D. K.. The APTC Commandant either represented by S.S.P Njoka.

After the demonstrations, the officers sat down under a huge tree on stones which served as their resting place and waited patiently for the guests to address them. When the officers approached, they all stood to attention and only sat when told to do so by their instructors. Madam Jeniffer Ngige the In-charge of the group was called upon to welcome the guests officially and requested one of the participants to lead in a word of prayer.

SSP Njoka was invited to speak to the group and read out a speech from the APTC Commandant Mr. Shurie. He commended the participants for their endurance and perseverance which was so impressive given that they were not used to the hardships they were going through and asked them to keep up the good work.

Col. (Rtd). Otieno was invited to address the gathering. “The basis of the course you are undergoing is part of reforms in the KFS so as to introduce integration and team work with different cadres and stakeholders.”  He went on to state that the course was important as it would instill discipline and help the officers be in a position to understand the Rangers they were working with on the ground, help whenever they were with the rangers to cope with disciplinary issues of the rangers.  He urged them to keep the good attitude towards the course as it was about to come to a close, and declared the range exercise officially closed.

Kepha Wamichwe gave the vote of thanks for the visit and thanked the speakers for their words of encouragement stating that the course was very interesting as they were getting the real feeling of what “Operations” in the forests were all about. He noted that the skills learnt were very relevant to forestry operations and could be applied in fire fighting skills, organization of staff, tree planting seasons including the actual use of fire arms. There was consensus that the Course made the participants better officers than they were when they came for the course.

Report & pictures by Rahab Gitau

KFS Board Meets Management Team

The KFS Board of Management held the first meeting yesterday and amongst other issues on the agenda was a meeting with the management team. The Director took some time to introduce the management team working under him to the new Board Members. The Chairman, Prof. Richard Musangi promised that his Board would encourage team work between the management and the Board. He noted that the Board's policy decisions can only be implemented by management and therefore it was important that the two units work in tandem. He further said that the Board is looking for opportunities to meet the different cadres of staff so as to understand the challenges they face in executing their duties. 

KFS Participates In North Eastern Celebrations

The World Environment Day is a global event and is celebrated each year. It is a day that stimulates awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and public action. Every 5th June, 2010 is a day used by the United Nations Environment Programme to create worldwide awareness. World Environment Day is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme and is commemorated with an international exposition in the week of 5th June. Under the theme, “Many species, One planet, One future”, this year’s event was celebrated the incredible diversity life on earth as part of 2010 International year of Biodiversity.

In Garissa, the provincial headquarter for North Eastern Province did not miss a chance to celebrate in the worldwide event. It was marked at Hyuga Girls Primary School The event begun with a colourful beats by the Garissa Teachers Training College band that took along the streets of Garissa Town leading the procession to the venue led by Kenya Forest Service Forester Mr. Mosses with his motor cycle while on a reflector jacket and at low speed. On the distinguished guests for the department were: Assistant Commandant Kenya Forest Service Retired Lt. Colonel Patrick Obore, Chairman Forest Conservancy Committee dr. Ahmed, Zonal Manager for Garissa District Mr. Noor Maalim, Forester Mosses, Rangers corporal Dekow and Senior Constable Daud. The KFS input in provision of tree seedlings and the technicality during the tree planting process made the event successful. The fully dressed rangers on jungle uniform shared their prolonged experiences when it came to the planting session. With over 200 seedlings donated to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), KFS managed to achieve its mandate as part of the Vision 2030 to increase trees and forest cover.

In the speaker’s wing were Mr. Noor. Noor recognized the presence of the Assistant Commandant Rtd. Lt.col. Obore. He also said that since the establishment of KFS, the Service is converting most of its staffs to uniformed services with the Head of Conservancy and other Zonal Managers having undergone their Paramilitary basic training at Kenya Forest College in Londiani. 
Mr. Noor mentioned that Tree planting activities in Garissa Town by the KFS for the past three years has increased trees cover especially in institutions and many schools have a lot of trees planted in them. Among these, 34 schools both primary and secondary, a minimum of 200 trees are planted in each school. He said that they had launched a tree planting ceremony on 22nd April, 2010. In the past 1 year, 8000 trees were planted and the target in the KKV programme is to plant 12,000 trees. Kazi Kwa Vijana has helped the youths and has planted trees in institutions and everywhere. In this project, job has been created for 137 youths who are casually employed. The biggest achievement they had was Tetu primary and secondary school. KFS is engaging with the youths and the communities and headed by them. He welcomed Dr. Ahmed who is the Chairman for Forest Conservation Committee (FCC) for North Eastern Province (NEP). 

DR. Ahmed- Chairman-FCC said that by the end of all celebrations, the outcome is “Mazingira safi” meaning a clean environment. He quoted a verse from the holy Quran If you do not clean your environment, you will not enter paradise” He brought out a new board of committee called FCC where each district has a representative. He mentioned the importance of NEMA and Garissa Municipal Council coming together and ensures that each shop has a dustbin.

Environmental messages were spoken with the same messages taken home. Award certificates were given to the best environmental practices and participations. KFS got awarded for having being involved in the preparations and commemoration of the World Environment Day.

The celebrations were ended by lunching at the Garissa Government Guest House.

Report Courtesy of Abdikadir Aden

Friday, July 9, 2010

Forestry In The News Sunday 4th - Friday 9th July, 2010

Forestry in the News on Friday, July 09, 2010
Daily Nation-page 7(Zuqka) an advert by Nairobi Greenline thanking everyone who came to support the first tree planting initiative.
EA Standard-page 3 an article with the title-“Award for making diesel from trees”
Page 4-an article with the title- “Trees ‘growing’ on recovered Mau Forest land.
The Star-page 9 an article with the title-“Firewood row simmers at Army camp”
Business Daily- A magazine called (The Edge) page 1-24 with the title-“Switching on Clean Energy”

Forestry in the News on Thursday, July 08, 2010
The People Daily-page 11 an article with the title-“Miracle’ plant poses threat to environment conservation”. The jatropha plant is said to be a destructive plant.
Page 12 -articles with the title-“Fighting climate change while adapting it” and “Conservation efforts of the Nairobi greenline project”
Page 13-an article with the title-“Impact of handicraft industry on environment”
The Star –page 15 an article with the title-“Key issues ignored in Jatropha project”
Daily Nation-page 1(Horizons) an article with the title-“Planning for a changing climate”
EA Standard-page 12 an article with the title-“Wekesa put to task over KWS officials’sacking, says he was misled”

Forestry in the news on Wednesday, July 07, 2010
The People Daily-page 12 an article with the title-“Biodiesel: Kenya-Brazil to co –operate –Kibaki”
Page 14-an article with the title-“Greed blamed for woodland damage”
Business Daily-page 15 an article with the title-“Kenya needs drought management authority”
EA Standard –page 8 an article with the title-“Forest Service, residents row over location of proposed hospital”
Page 9-an article with the title-“Environmentalists label biofuel project ecological disaster”
The Star-page 10 an article with the title-“KFS and council clash over hospital plot in Marigat”
Page 17-an article with the title-“Kenya Seeks Brazil bio-fuel technology”

Forestry in the News on Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Daily Nation-page 29(Smart Company) an article with the title-“Sh 200m boost for green energy”
Page 13(Smart Company) - an article with the title-“How green investments are helping economic recovery”
EA Standard-page 22(Financial Journey)-an article with the title-“European demand sees growth of power biofuels in Africa”

Forestry in the News on Monday, July 05, 2010
The People Daily-page 11 an article with the title-“Company steps up wind power project execution”
The Star –page 9 an article with the title-“KFS plant 35,000 trees in Mau forest station”
Daily Nation-page 10 an article with the title-“Beauty pageant helps in planting of 35,000 trees”
Page 22an advert by Kenya Forest Service on a sell through public auction of items such as vehicles in its zonal offices.

Forestry in the News on Sunday, July 04, 2010
Sunday Nation-page 3 an article with the title-“Forest Service want health project stopped”

Miss Kenya Leads Youth In Mau Planting

The KFS Chairman, Prof. Richard Musangi addresses the participating youth before the tree planting
Fiona Konchellah, the reigning Miss Kenya addresses the gathering
Clean water runneth from our forests!
More than 300 youth have recently planted 35,000 seedlings in Mau’s Kiptunga forest. The youth coming from various learning institutions including Daystar University, St. Pauls University, East Africa School of Aviation, Kisii College and Sun Shine High school were led by the current Miss Kenya Fiona Konchella in an effort to save the Mau forest.

In his remarks, the chief guest KFS Board Chairman Prof. Richard Musangi encouraged the youth to take part in environmental conservation for the benefit of both current and future generations. He said forest destruction drivers included greed by individuals and was steered by demand for forest products. In the event, Prof. Musangi was accompanied by KFS Board Member Mr. Joseph Murei Mang’ira.

Deputy Director Forest Conservation and Management Mr. Essau Omollo said the Service is now partnering with individuals and groups interested in supporting in forest rehabilitation initiatives countrywide. He congratulated Ms Fiona for her initiative and insight towards a better future for humanity and said the Service will continue to provide guidance and planting space for future forestry based initiatives. Mr. Omollo was accompanied by Ag. Corporation Secretary Mr. Sam Owino. 

Miss Kenya expressed concerns at the rate of environmental degradation globally noting that the youth stood to lose the most should the current situation continue unabated. She promised to mobilize more youth for planting in other forests in Kenya indicating her next stop is going to be the Ngong hills forest in Nairobi conservancy.

The 35,000 indigenous seedlings planted were provided by Eastern Produce a tea processing company based in Nandi Hills.

Report by Charles Ngunjiri