Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finnish Supported Miti Mingi Maisha Bora Programme Launched With Pomp & Colour

The director KFS having a wod with the Minister, on the right is Ms Fatuma Sichale board member.JPG
The Hon. Minister chats with Director and other invited guests

the project manager introducing the MMMB staff members. She is the project manager.JPG
Zipporah Toroitich, the project manager introducing the MMMB staff members
a group photograph after the launch.JPG
A group photo after the launch 

The Minister recieving a gift from Miss Forest Kenya.JPG
Hon. Noah Wekesa receives a gift from Miss Forest

The Minister for Forestry and Wildlife, Dr. Noah Wekesa yesterday faulted the government for underfunding Kenya Forest Service thus making the functioning of this state corporation difficult. He cited that for the institution to fully function then it requires to employee over 5000 staff for both the headquarters and the field units, purchasing of Cars for the Enforcement division and also building of infrastructure. He also mentioned of up lifting of the forest ban to allow the already mature trees that are getting wasted in the forest to be harvested and help the service earn review for its sustainability.

The ban continues to deny the service a lot of revenue and thus not being able to discharge its mandate. The minister urged the board chairman to help him lobby the state to allocate enough money that shall enable the organization to perform satisfyingly. The Minister was speaking during the launch of a Finnish project Called Miti mingi maisha bora.

The event was held at Karura the KFS headquarters. In attendance was the Finnish ambassador to Kenya her Excellency Heli Sirvet, the permanent secretary from the ministry of forestry and wildlife, Mr. Wamwachai, the chairman of the board, other members of the board, the Director KFS and the KFS staff that had converged in the tent following closely the remarks  

The Minister who was the guest of honor officially launched the project that shall run for the next six years. The project aims at working with local communities in offering technical advice and financial support towards ensuring that Kenyan forest reflects those that are in Finland. In his remarks the minister also lauded the government of Finland for the support they have been offering to this country in relation to environmental matters for a while now since early 90s.

In her speech, her Excellency the Finnish ambassador explained on ways on which such projects could stand. She insisted on the point of accountability and also ensuring that everyone working for KFS should be absorbed in the service payroll so that everyone is motivated with the remunerations. The colorfulness ceremony ended with the unveiling of the strategic plan for 2009-2014.

Report By Bwire Vincent

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