Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrating A Remarkable Year


After an eventful year that saw a new board inaugurated the KFS staff and the senior field officers came together for the annual KFS end of year party that took place on Friday 17th December 2010 at the KFS Karura head quarters. With its usual theme of uniqueness, bigger and better this year did not disappoint and the event was clearly the event of the year. And with no team building activities, everyone was dressed to impress. That did not mean that it was going to be a boring day as an invitation to children resident in Karura were also invited for the party and spent the better part of the day playing in bouncy castles and enjoying snacks.

The programme was also equally interesting with a lot of fun activities. It all begun with the serving of a mouth watering luncheon. After which it was time for entertainment from the ever ready KFS choir that not only looked dazzling in their new uniforms but also belted some heartwarming Christmas carols that were accompanied by their new instrument.

After the entertainment from the choir it was time for speeches. The first to deliver his speech was the Chief Human Resource Officer Mr.Amukaya who read the speech on behalf of the Deputy Director Human Resources and Administration. In his speech he lauded the organizations, recruitment of more staff and assured the staff that more people would be recruited in the coming year.

The Guest of Honour, the Chairman of the KFS Board, Prof. Richard Musangi in his speech lauded the enactment of the new constitution which he said would require the Service to align its strategies so as to gain from the opportunities the new constitution offered. He also praised the continued restoration of the degraded forest areas in Kenya including the Mau Forest and the focus on drylands that offers the greatest opportunity for forestry growth in Kenya.

While delivering his speech the Director pointed out the great milestone the Service had achieved with the appointment of a new Board of Directors .He also expressed his delight at the recent launch of the ISO Certification process which KFS expects to complete by June 2011 and would be able to assist to improve processes and service delivery. He also lauded the organisation’s registeration with OPI (Optimum Performance Index) which he said was being used to measure the organization’s performance output and also to assist in performance contracting.

After the speeches it was time for more entertainment that was provided by the Rare Watts Band. This was followed by the fashion show segment. Who knew that KFS had such  out and confident  people; the ladies and gentlemen who would have  passed for professional models cat walked for the guests’ in their breathtaking costumes that left many in awe. This was followed by dancing competitions and the children too were not left behind as they paraded their talents to a very appreciative audience. A show of football dribbling skills was also presented as were tongue twisters. The winners were awarded prizes.

The sun eventually went down and the most awaited segment came for the young at heart to show their prowess as everyone danced the night away to a well marked end of year that promised even better things come 2011.

Story by Lydiah Ogada

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