Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VMPP Presentation to Marakwet Stakeholders

The consultant Margaret Ombai explaining the objectives of the VMPP to the Cheregwen/Sengwer community.

The Project Manager for NRM Mr Yakhama Inganji addressing the stakeholders during the workshop
The final presentation of Vulnerable and Marginalized People’s Plan (VMPP) took place recently at Cherengany Forest Station in Mt Elgon. The participatory plan consultant of Natural Resource Management (NRM) Mrs. Margaret Ombai of Tacitus Ltd made her final presentation to the Marakwet stakeholders after several consultations with the communities about management of forest and water reserves. The Project Manager of NRM, Mr Yakhama Inganji, accompanied by the Zonal Forest Manager for Marakwet Mr. Alfred Nyaswabu, the Cheregwany/Sengwer Community Chairman, Mr. R. Tekeroi and the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Paul Kibor were also present during the presentation.

In his speech Mr. Inganji reminded the communities that the work of the committee is to act as a bridge between the people and Kenya Forest Service (KFS) in ensuring that the agreement reached on VMPP is realized. The mandate of NRM will be to ensure that the Vulnerable Marginalized Groups (VMGs) of Marakwet West and East receive culturally appropriate social and economic benefits like training of farmers, beekeeping and ecotourism among other benefits. The plan will also stipulate ways on how to deal with potential adversaries on indigenous people. On his part, Mr Nyaswabu urged the communities to stop criminal activities like logging of trees if they want to benefit from the project that is meant to upgrade their livelihoods.
Article by Maureen Amenya

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