Thursday, October 6, 2011

KFS Acquires New Stand at the Nairobi International Trade Fair

Young people learn about opportunities in forestry training at the Kenya Forestry College section of the KFS stand 

Pupils sample wood carvings at the KFS stand during the Show
Some of the wood products on desplay at the stand

The Nairobi International Trade Fair, which was themed 'Driving Agribusiness in Attaining Food Sufficiency and Vision 2030', kicked off on September 26 2011 with a lot of anticipation from Kenya Forest Service exhibitors. This was because KFS was, for the first time, exhibiting at its very own stand.

Show goers commended the KFS stand as a grand effort by the organizing committee, and comments varied from, 'Good work' to 'Excellent'. The Senior Deputy Director of Forests in charge of Support Services Mrs. Monicah Kalenda also made a visit to the stand in the course of the exhibition.

Guests got a chance to enjoy the outdoor displays which included a topography model of Kenya's forests, various indigenous and exotic tree species, makuti shades to relax under, and a sturdy boardwalk, about ten feet off the ground. They also got a chance to interact with foresters and other forestry divisions and learn more about Kenya's forests and how they can participate in their conservation and management. 

Secondary school students got to learn about the Kenya Forestry College and the courses offered with regards to forestry and ICT, while farmers and interested individuals got to learn about forest farming, as well as commercial eucalyptus planting.

Among other exhibitors at the stand were Kenvo, an eco-tourism company, Honey Care, Herbal Garden Ltd, manufacturers of Aloe Vera products, Timsales furniture and wood carvers. Their exhibits showcased eco-tourism as well as finished wood and non-wood forest products. The show came to a close on October 2, 2011.  

Story by Vicky Nyaga and pictures by Maureen Amenya


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