Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Formation Of An Environmental Choir- Ngong Road Forest Station

In the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary Trust, there are many activities which are carried out by different personnels. The Trust has a Board of Trustees, a project Coordinator, an office assistant and rangers. One of the many activities that take place in the Ngong Road Forest is conserving the wildlife in a reserved area which is approximately 600 hectares.
Earlier before, the reserved area had been surrounded by an electric fence before it was interrupted by the construction of the southern by-pass which crosses through the forest. Others who contribute to the conservation of this unique forest is the Kenya Forest Service whereby the KFS guards also patrol the forest. The communities surrounding the forest also have a responsibility to conserve it since most of them make a living out of it by collecting firewood from the forest, but only with a permit from the Kenya Forest Service. Some women have installed bee-hives in the forest where they also harvest honey and sell it. This has helped them to uplift their living standards.
DSC03461 checking on bee hive.JPG
Some women checking on their bee-hives.

Recently we formed an environmental choir. The members of the choir are from the community and some Sanctuary rangers. The choir composes it’s own songs, we have divided the members of the choir into different groups i.e, The song writers, soloists, singers and the dancers. Our main goal is to educate people on the importance of the forests and our mission and vision is to become an international environmental choir and to gain the competence of conserving the environment.
DSC06904 choir practice.JPG
Choir members during a practice session.
Our very first performance was at the Ngong Road Forest where the Honorable minister for Wildlife and other top ranking government officials were present, where we witnessed the Minister handing over the titled deeds of the forest land which had been grabbed. As we expect to see ourselves the best performers in the country,the choir is therefore looking for sponsors so that it may achieve it’s goals.
DSC06964 minister giving a speech.JPG
Honorable Minister Noah Wekesa giving a speech at the Ngong Road Forest.

Report Courtesy of Ranger George Thuo

Source: Wildlife Direct

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