Monday, September 20, 2010

Water Towers Conservation Fund Now Gazetted

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance has published in the Kenya Gazette the regulations establishing the Water Towers Conservation Fund. The Fund will support the restoration, conservation and sustainable management of the Mau Forests Complex and the other waters towers in Kenya in an equitable, efficient and transparent manner.
The regulations were prepared by the Interim Coordinating Secretariat, the Ministry for Finance and the Attorney-General Chambers after consultation with other relevant ministries. The establishment of the Fund is part of the Interim Coordinating Secretariat’s mandate which includes “to develop the framework for long-term measures to restore and sustainably manage the Mau Forests Complex and other water towers”.
In line with the regulations, the Office of the Prime Minister, being the ministry for the time being responsible for the coordination of the rehabilitation, conservation and sustainable management of the Mau Forests Complex and other water towers, will operationalize and administer the Fund.
The Fund will be managed by a National Water Towers Management Committee that will comprise eight members:
- The Chairman who shall not be a public officer, appointed by virtue of his knowledge and experience in matter relating to good governance and the management of public resources;
- The Permanent Secretaries from the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and Ministry of Water and Irrigation; and,
- Four other persons appointed by virtue of their knowledge and experience in matters relating to the management of public resources, financial management, restoration, sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, including forest, land and water resources and mainstreaming of poverty reduction strategies in sustainable rural development.
Kindly peruse the notice by clicking the link provided in the Mau Restoration Website

Report courtesy of the Interim Coordinating Secretariat (ICS)

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