Friday, December 3, 2010

Forestry Society Of Kenya Holds AGM & Ushers In New Officials In Garissa

The Forestry Society of Kenya is an independent Organization which is non-political and a non-profit making established to safeguard the interest of its members by maintaining the honor and dignity of the forestry profession in Kenya through providing a forum for professional foresters and any other persons who may be interested in Forestry.

Since it was formed by Foresters in 1979 the organization has advanced the science, the technology, education and practice of professional forestry in Kenya for the benefit of Kenyans and humanity in the globe. The organization also provides a forum where Foresters meet and share their experiences and the difficulties that they encounter in the course of their duty. Many are the foresters in Kenya who have found themselves in the hostile hands of the public when performing their duties; some have only been left with scars that only remind them of the painful memories that always remind them of the day they almost lost their lives for the sake of protecting the forest. Basically the society plays a leading role in giving foresters a chance to share such experiences.

The society also provides and generates an interest in the productive and gainful studies on Forestry, Trees, and Vegetation and also to co-operate with other societies and institutions for the achievement of this object. For example were the society has collaborated with various organizations such Kenya Forest Service, KEFRI and others to write and publish various books and journals for example Conservation and Management of Sandalwood-By Valentine Ochanda and also Charcoal Management-Ben Wamugunda

During the society’s 5th Annual Conference and AGM which was officiated by KFS Senior Deputy Director Mr. Emilio Mugo held in Garissa attended by majority of the members, among them being Mr. E.A. Ochieng who was representing the KFS Board of Directors and Miss Taina, Forestry Counsellor of the Finnish Embassy. The theme of the conference was “Dry land Biodiversity in Kenya”, and discussions on various subjects and matters which are of interest to the members were held e.g. land degradation, waste lands, Marginal areas, Rainfall, Drought, Afforestation among many other topics which were of interest.

During the same function the members of the society also voted for a council that consists of 8 officials i.e. Jamlek Ndambiri being the Chairman, Dr. Paul Ogugo-vice Chairman, Valentine Ochanda-Secretary, Mr. Julius Kamau-Vice Secretary, Charity Munyasya-Treasurer, Benjamin Kinyili-Vice Treasurer and finally Dr. Laigong the Editor Journal. The council consisting of 8 officials is expected to serve for a 3 year term. The members were also informed by the former Chairman of the Society Mr. Emilio Mugo to prepare for the International Year of Forestry which will be next year.

Report By Martin Masila

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