Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tusker Project Fame Contestants Plant Trees In Karura Forest

Tusker Project Fame nicknamed TPF4 is a talent search that recently concluded on Citizen Television and whose main aim is usually to nurture and  mould young and raw  talent in singing to successful musicians. This year’s TPF4 finalists came to Karura Forest on Friday 19th, November, 2010 to plant trees courtesy of EABL who are the show’s  sponsor .This was also part of EABL’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

The eight contestants who came were Steven from Kenya, Davis from Uganda, Gaelle from Rwanda, Ameelina from Kenya, Rachel from Uganda. Paleki from Southern Sudan, Msechu from Tanzania and Gabiro from Rwanda. The contestants were accompanied by staff from EABL and journalists from different media houses. At KFS they were received by the Nairobi Conservancy Regional Commandant Mr. Charles Otieno, the acting Zonal Manger Nairobi North East Mrs. Joyce Nthuku and forester Mr. Orwa .Mr. Orwa then took them on a step to step on how to plant the seedlings and how to seal the holes so that they are not washed away by the rains.

The contestants were very excited as they embarked on the tree planting session with some contestants saying it was their first time to plant that many trees. Some of the contestants like Paleki said she had previously been involved in planting trees as her family owns a big piece of land back at home in Southern Sudan. Gaelle also expressed her joy for being part of the noble cause of conserving the environment.

After the tree planting session a total of 600 tree seedlings were planted and the contestants could not hide their joy at their achievement. Their representative Rachel thanked KFS for hosting them and promised that they would plant more trees when they went back to their respective countries. On behalf of KFS Mr. Charles Otieno said it was an honor to host them and thanked EABL for choosing KFS to do the tree planting activity and requested them to come back again to also visit the Karura Forest Nature Trail. He also commended them for the good job they were doing and encouraged them to continue nurturing talent. The KFS staff also showed their excitement at seeing their favorite stars most of whom they only see on television and took pictures with them.

EABL is closely associated with Karura Forest through the Friends of Karura Forest initiative. As part of their CSR , EABL recently funded the fencing of the Karura central block.

Report by Lydiah Ogada

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