Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KFS Director Visits Community Development Projects In The Mau And Malagat Forests

The KFS Director Mr. David K. Mbugua recently visited community projects in the Mau Conservancy financed by the Green Zones Development Support Project (GZDSP). GZDSP is an African Development Bank (AfDB) funded project that seeks to rehabilitate natural forests, restore hilltops and watersheds and promote participatory forest management.

Another important component of the project is to support forest adjacent communities through promotion of livelihood improvement programmes. The Director accompanied by the project officers including the Project Manager Mr. Jerome Mwanzia visited such programmes in the Sururu and Malagat areas of the Mau Conservancy. 
The KFS Director Mr. David Mbugua (r) is shown the map of the rehabilitated Sururu Forest by the GZDSP Manager Mr. Jerome Mwanzia. The Nakuru Zonal Forest Manager Mr. Mukundi looks on

In the Mau Forest Complex, the Director went to a forest rehabilitation site at Sururu Forest Station where GZDSP had supported its rehabilitation. He then met the station’s Community Forest Association (CFA) members who expressed their appreciation for the support they had received in establishing income generating activities which includes a fish farm. The project was financed by GZDSP in order to empower the community financially thereby reducing pressure on the neighbouring forest.

The Director then later on launched development projects initiated by the Community Food and Environmental Group (COFEG) with support from the project.

His visit did not end there as on the following day, he presided over the opening of the Malagat Bridge which is situated in the Malagat Forest. The GZDSP financed the building of the bridge to the tune of Ksh 7.8 million after the old one become unusable. Communication between the Hill T trading center and Mugumoine which lies beyond the forest had been severely affected following deterioration of the bridge and thus its opening was welcomed with relief by the surrounding community.
The KFS Director Mr. David Mbugua cuts the tape to officially open the new Malagat Forest Bridge. The bridge was constructed by the GZDSP to the tune of Ksh 7.8 million
Addressing the community later at a public baraza, the Director thanked them for protecting the forest which he said was really theirs. He promised to give first priority to the youth who had been acting as scouts and assisting in forest patrols when KFS roles out ranger recruitment.

Story by Leakey Sonkoyo, Corporate Communications Officer, KFS

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