Monday, March 28, 2011

Opening of the Kenya Forest Service Gate

The New KFS Gate

The Director of the Kenya Forest Service Mr. David Mbugua recently presided over the opening of newly constructed gate at the KFS headquarters in a colourful yet brief ceremony. The gate constructed to the tune of Ksh. 2.1 million is an attractive addition to development works going on at the headquarters which are meant to soon transform the face of KFS.
The Director commented that the gate was a landmark that will improve the corporate image of the Service as well and make Karura secure for visitors.

The KFS Director Mr. David Mbugua cuts the tape to officially open the new gate

Karura Forest is home to some unique features, like some of the most indigenous uplands forest tree species, the Mau Mau caves, a waterfall, various species of wildlife and a beautiful lake called Lake Lilly. The Service together with the Friends of Karura CFA and financial support from other partners including the East African Breweries found it prudent to secure the forest and protect these invaluable features.
The forest was recently re-launched as tourism site and is being marketed by the Kenya Tourism Board as one of the attractive sites in Nairobi. The capital city is now home to a national park and an indigenous forest both within 10 minutes drive from the city center albeit in the opposite directions.
Story by Emmah Nerima

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