Thursday, June 2, 2011

GZDSP to Rehabilitate Likia Forest

The degraded and cultivated Likia Forest to be rehabilitated by GZDSP

The Green Zones Development Support Project (GZDSP) is set to rehabilitate the 500 ha Likia forest Block which is part of the larger Mau Forest ecosystem. This is following past invasion and destruction by land speculators who had settled on the forest land and degraded it through cultivation.   The project thus  wants to restore the degraded forest and enhance the ecological function of the pristine ecosystem.
GZDSP has recorded success in similar efforts in other project areas including the rehabilitation of the Sururu Forest Block. It will involves the local community through buying of seedlings and engaging them as casuals to do the land preparation, planting, maintainace and protection.
The project will also support the community to initiate other income generating activities geared towards reducing the pressure exerted on the forest by individual seeking livelihoods. The entire rehabilitation will be completed in less than three years starting 2011.
Meanwhile, the project is putting up resource centers at the conservancy headquarters in Embu, Nyeri, Kakamega and Nakuru that will also serve as offices for the conservancy personnel. This is line with the project’s objective of assisting the Service implement the institutional reforms in accordance with the Forests Act 2005.
The resource center being put up at the Mau Conservancy headquarters in Nakuru

Story and pictures by Emmah Nerima

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