Friday, June 17, 2011

Nairobi FCC tours Coast Conservancy

The Nairobi Forest Conservation Committee recently undertook a tour of Coast conservancy to familiarize themselves with ecotourism activities being undertaken within the forests. The team visited Arabuko Sokoke Forest within Malindi and Kilifi Zones and Kaya Kinondo forest in Kwale Zone.
The FCC members observed eco tourism projects such as butterfly farming and Nyari view-point at Arabuko Sokoke, bee keeping and board walks among mangrove forests and cultural sites that are within forests such as Gede ruins and Kaya Kinondo forest. Notably, Community Forest Associations operating within these forests benefit greatly from forest goods and services, particularly ecotourism which attract thousands of visitors annually.
However, it was observed that none of the forests has signed a participatory forest management plan with KFS due to financial challenges in preparing one. According the Head of Conservancy for Nairobi Ms Charity Munyasya, the FCC members will utilize all they learnt to promote eco tourism within forests in Nairobi, for the benefit of communities and forest conservation.
Story and pictures by Anne Kaari

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