Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Kenya Forest Service held a major tree planting exercise in Saboti Constituency, Transnzoia County on 27th June 2011 where over 18 000 seedlings were issued to the farmers to plant at home. The following is a ‘picture speak’ of the event that was presided by a three day road show which began in Nakuru

Mama and Papa Fololo work out the crowd at a stop during the roadshow

The entourage that snaked its way from Nakuru to Saboti

Members of the public participating in the festivities of the roadshow

Some members of the public who showed up at a stop in Salgaa

A young man follows the proceedings at one of the stop overs

'I love tea and trees'

A member of the public hopes for the best as the wheel of fortune rotates

'Ladies in green' the road show crew dancers entertain the crowd at Eldoret

A tree seedling seller guards his merchandise a Moi's Bridge

A member of the public puts his best foot or is it hand forward in celebration of forests

Transzoia here we come

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Hon. Dr. Noah Wekesa plants a tree at the venue of the event before the festivities began

Students of Emmaculate Heart Girls Secondary School who hosted the event entertain the gathered crowd

'Forest Ambassadors', the KFS choir belts out a tune at the event

The North Rift HOC Mr. Solomon Mibey addresses the gathered guests

The Senior Deputy Director of Forests Mr. Emilio Mugo gives his speech at the function

The KFS Board Chairman Prof. Richard Musangi gives his address

The PS Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife Mr. M.A.M Wa-Mwachai addressing the crowd

The Assistant Minister MFW Hon. Koli Nanok makes a speech at the function

The Minister 'gets down' before he addressed the crowd that gathered to celebrate forestry in the region

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