Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forestry In the News on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

• Daily Nation-Page 13 an article by Bjorn Lomborg with the headline-“Climate change or evangelism?”
• Daily Nation - Page 3 Smart Company an article with the title –“Lenders to sue government over Sh1.3bn Pan Paper debt” and another article with the title-“ New rules to control logging in State forests”
• Page 12 Smart Company- A photograph of Tusker Project Fame contestants participating in EABL –supported tree-planting initiative
• Page 13 Smart Company- Article titled “Jatropha lights up a village” about Muhaka village in Kwale where residents are milling jatropha seeds for domestic lighting & cooking
• The Star –Page 2 a news article with the headline –“Sweden holds back grants for forestry organization”
• The Star –Page 9 a news article with the headline –“Kibaki will revive Pan Paper Mill, Wetang’ula says”

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