Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rotary Club invites KFS to Nakuru

Made up of Nakuru residents who have seen the negative effects of Mau forest’s destruction, the Rotary club of Nakuru wanted to know what role they could play in the restoration of the largest water tower in Kenya. 

In two presentations conducted by Benedict Omondi and Raphael Mworia, the hard facts about the Mau Forests Complex and how the Rotarians could get involved were made during the Club’s monthly fellowship at the Rift Valley Sports Club in Nakuru on 9th February, 2010.

The gathering was appraised on the new forestry laws which allow partnerships through  & Bequests, Joint Management of Forests, Concessions, Community Forest Associations (CFAs), Special use licenses, Timber licenses and Contracts. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Using the participation rules that have recently been published, private institutions and individuals can adopt forests, support local CFAs in replanting & livelihood activities, assist in roadside planting, boundary planting in public land, schools, etc or get involved in carbon trade.

The presenters also fielded questions from members on a range of subjects including how local communities can benefit, how past mistakes should be contained, timber licensing, possibility of logging ban lifting and role of various institutions.

KFS promised to follow up with concrete proposal on how the members can partner with any of the 13 forest stations in Nakuru District.

The following are the forest stations in Nakuru Forest Zone:- Baraget, Nessuit, Teret, Kiptunga, Mariashoni, Logoman, Saino (settled), Sururu, Eburru, Dundori, Bahati, Menengai

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