Monday, February 8, 2010

Wildflower in Karura

Wildflower is a group of outdoor, recreation and sports enthusiasts who organize sports events like the monthly Porini-X series of trail runs in different parts across the country which includes forays into forests, mountains, hills, parks and game reserves in the key regions of Western and Nyanza provinces, Chyulu Hills, Kakamega Forest, Tigoni, Longonot, etc

To kick off their 2010 calendar, the group organized an event in Karura Forest for their members on 30th January. The event comprised a cycle race and running race for different age groups. Over 70 participants too part. The group also made a donation to Kenya Forest Service of a new Rangers Banda to be installed at the Limuru Road entrance to the Karura Trail. We thank them sincerely for this gesture that will go a long way towards giving the rangers manning the trail a dignified work environment. Kudos.

The event also gave the co-organizers, Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) an opportunity to showcase the ten recently recruited Karura Community Scouts who will work hand in hand with KFS rangers in ensuring the security of visitors to the trail is assured.

KFS is committed to opening up our forest estate to the public for recreation purposes in a secure environment and we have decided to use Karura Forest as a pilot in partnership with Friends of Karura Forest (FKF).

KFS Ranger (R) and Community Scout (L) working hand in hand to ensure security of joggers and bikers in Karura

The Ranger's Banda doanted by Wildflower to Karura Forest.

Sunflower members at the BP Shell Club after the event. 

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