Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emali III curtain falls

The third bunch of KFS senior officers training at the Administration Police Senior Staff College in Emali are scheduled to graduate on 23rd July 2010. The group consisting 34 officers of the ranks of Assistant Director and above has successfully completed the six weeks paramilitary training and looking forward to their graduation.

The group comprises five ladies and twenty nine gentlemen, marking it so far, the group with the highest numbers of ladies training in a group. Those interviewed indicated the training has been tough but worth it.

While the whole team has excelled four individuals displayed outstanding performance and are lined up for awards. They include for the award of ‘student of the Course’ Assistant Director in charge of PFM and Fire Management Mr. Daniel Mbithi; for the award of ‘Best Officer in Drill’’ Assistant Director in charge of the Lake Victoria Management Project Ms. Beatrice Mbula; for the award of ‘All Round Lady Student’ Senior Assistant Director in charge of Farm Forestry Ms. Jennifer Ngige who was also the parade adjutant; And finally for the award of ‘Best Marksman’ Assistant Director deputizing NRM project implementation Mr. Jafferson M. Kitti. Mr. Kitti scored154 points out of a possible 200 points.

During a rehearsal for the parade early Thursday, the Commandant AP Training College Mr. Omar Abdi Shurie, MBS, OGW, HSC, EXCEL GD II (EGY) who was presiding the event noted the group had put in tremendous effort and the results were paying off. He encouraged the team to utilize the remaining between now and the event time to perfect the parade presentation.

The graduation ceremony will be presided over by the KFS Board of Management Chairman Prof. Richard Musangi.

Report by Charles Ngunjiri


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