Friday, July 9, 2010

Western Conservancy Scoops Award Amid Rising Controversy

It was a moment of relief and excitement for Western Conservancy staff when they received results that the KFS stand scooped position three in the “Best Medium Trade Stand”. The stand highlighted by a model of the Kakamega tropical forest, campsite models, PELIS model and forest plantations was frequently visited by farmers and students interested in forestry practices both for conservation and commercial enterprise. The Service was sharing the stand with other institutions in the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.

During a visit to the show grounds, members of the Western Forest Conservation Committee expressed disappointed at the space utilization by the ASK. The ASK show grounds are hoisted on forest land which measures 100 acres and is grossly underutilized with only 35 exhibitors occupying slightly more than 50%. The members also noted that most of the land is currently leased to private individuals for farming of maize and bananas. The members have now recommended that the Service recovers 40 acres which should immediately be put under forestry activities.  

Report by Charles Ngunjiri

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