Wednesday, July 7, 2010

American Women Association (AWA) Spearheads Tree Planting In Kayole

The Deputy Chief of Mission U.S. Embassy, Mr. Lee Brudvig plants a tree in Kayole Ngong River riparian. 1000 trees were planted during this exercise recommended as part of the Nairobi River cleanup. 

Max Canelas joins other participants in planting trees in Kayole, during an event organized by the American Women Association. 

Participants take part in rehabilitating a former dumping site in Kayole by planting trees on a two hectare piece of land adjacent to the Ngong River riparian. 

The Ngong river riparian zone in Kayole, Embakasi District is characterized by heavy pollution, a place not many would wish to venture. Therefore it was a bold choice for the American Women Association (AWA) who agreed to rehabilitate this site and plant trees on Saturday 26th June 2010. Clearing of the site from waste plastics was a tedious task which took a week to accomplish and it was undertaken by the  Kwariba Youth Group through the Embakasi Green Life Initiative. The spot, which was a former garbage dump, was recommended as part of the Nairobi river cleanup activities.

The Chief Guest at the ceremony was the Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, Lee Brudvig, and he emphasized the importance of rehabilitating the site to provide a green park for the surrounding community. He called upon the youth to initiate more tree planting activities, to ensure an increase in Kenya’s forest cover. The Forester Kayole, Ms Salome Angaine, informed participants that the site would require three years of maintenance to ensure adequate root growth for the seedlings.

1000 indigenous seedlings were planted on two hectares of land by various participants from the US Embassy, Kenya State Alumni, local school and self –help groups, I&M Bank staff and members of AWA.

Story & Pictures by Anne Kaari

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