Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forestry in the news on Tuesday February 08, 2011

The Standard-Page 23- an article with the title-“Villagers want forest rangers arrested for teenager’s killing”
Page 20-an article with the title-“Displaced farmers from Likia Forest yet to be resettled”
Page 12-an article with the title-“Bank says Ngong Forest titles used to secure SH400M”-The Transnational Bank senior manager while testify in Mr. Ruto’s fraud case says title deeds of a land in Ngong Forest were used as securities in a Sh400m debt.
Page 46-the profile of Forest Rangers (Kenya Forest Service volleyball team)
 The Daily Nation-page 9 an article with the title-“Beware of forest fires, KFS warns residents”
The Star –page 3 an article with the title-“KWS in frantic efforts to put out Aberdares fire
 The People-page 16 an article with the title-“Fire destroys hectares of forest cover in Aberdare”
Page 19-an article with the title-“Life slowly ebbs out of Kenya’s main wetlands”

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