Friday, February 11, 2011

Urgent Public Appeal For Out Of Control Ontulili Fire

This is an urgent appeal to the public to support putting out an enormous forest fire currently consuming Onturiri forest, Buuri District.

The fire that begun Thursday has gone out of control despite efforts by the Kenya Forest Service, KWS, members of the community, and Mount Kenya Safari Club employees.

Members of the public are urged to congregate at the Buuri District Headquarters located at Timau bordering Nanyuki.

From this point, members of the public will be transported to the forest.
The site of the fire can also be accessed through Mt. Kenya Safari club.
All support to put out this fire is highly appreciated.

For Further Details please contact KFS Head of Conservancy Eastern Mr. Samuel Ihure on 0722 756039 or KFS Head of Corporate Communications Mr. Raphael Mworia on 0722 741237.

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