Friday, February 4, 2011

KFS Adopts Open Plan Office

KFS is in the process of implementing the open office policy which until recently was a practice of the private sector. The government in its efforts to promote transparency and efficiency has directed that all government institutions implement the open office plan policy in the construction of offices. The plan essentially allows all officers in a given department or section to sit together with some rooms or offices divided by glass compartments where necessary.

The Corporate Communication department was used as a pilot for the project in KFS that will see all departments adopt this policy. Already construction is ongoing in the Supply Chain Management and Internal Audit departments. It is expected that on completion, more office space will be created as officers will be sharing space. It is also expected that the plan will bring down the cost of equipment such as printers and photocopiers as these will now be shared.
The plan is also expected to promote communication and interaction among employees.

Report by L. Sonkoyo, picture by Emma Nerimah

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