Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Firms sign Mau Rehabilitation agreements


Several organizations have signed three-year agreements with the Kenya Forest Service to rehabilitate sections of Mau forest. The total area earmarked for rehabilitation through the support of these stakeholders is 85,000 acres.

The agreement predominantly entails Kenya Forest Service to spearhead the conservation and protection of the Mau forest in line with provisions of the Forest Act 2005, and provide technical advice necessary for the implementation of the rehabilitation activities.

The partners coming on board commit to raise funds and resources required for the implementation of the rehabilitation activities, joint responsibility for the overall management of the rehabilitation activities and to work together in good faith during the rehabilitation process.

These organizations include African Wildlife Foundation (13,500 acres), James Finlay (K) Ltd. (250 acres), Malaika Ecotourism & Coral Cay Conservation UK (375 acres), and Save the Mau Trust Fund (2,500 acres).

Government Ministries of Energy (47,500 acres) and State for Defense (2,500) have also come in to support rehabilitation.  

Report Courtesy Charles Ngunjiri 

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