Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is a Forest Management Plan? (Ndaragwa & Ol Bolossat Forest Management Plans Launched)

Joy as Community Forest Association Chairman gets a copy of management plan 
The Local DC, Mr. Famba receives a copy being a key stakeholder in the resource. 
The Head of Central Highlands Forest Conservancy gets his copy 
A community member joins the HoC in a celebratory jig 
"This is how we do it!" 

The local Forester is lifted shoulder high by community members. 

What is a Management Plan? 

A forest management plan is a framework that provides the direction required for organizational set up in carrying out sustainable management of forests. According to Forest Act, 2005 a management plan is a systematic framework that shows all activities to be undertaken in forest or part of it during a period of at least 5 years.

The objectives of a Management Plan are:-

  • To enable the owner(s) of a forest estate undertake the responsibility of managing the forest effectively, to suggest the kind of organization set up and resources required running the forest and acting as a basis for the preparation of plan of operation (work plan) for a sustainable management of a particular forest.
  • Different management programmes can be designed to achieve the overall objective of the management plan, e.g natural forest, wildlife, tourism development, protection and security, community participation, infrastructure, equipment, Human Resource, Research, participation , Monitoring and Evaluation programmes as dictated by the needs of the managers and community in the area. 
Its no wonder that the Ndaragwa and Ol Bolossat Community Forest Association members were so jubilant during the launch of their respective management plans. Having participated in their creation, the community had made their wishes known and only activities that met theirs, other stakeholders and Kenya Forest Service's approval were included in the plan. 

Story by Raphael Mworia

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