Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karura Forest Electric Fence Project Starts

Karura Forest will finally get an electric fence. The process that started in early 2009 has now gained momentum and is slated to take 3 months. The main donor of this project is EABL who will be sponsoring it to a tune of 8.5 million shillings. More donors are expected to come in through The ‘Friends of Karura Forest’ who are the funds raisers for the project.

The fencing started off on Monday 14th, June 2010 with the digging of holes from Huruma to Kiambu road. The poles will then be put up in the course of the week. Clearing will then be done around the entire Karura for the completion of the fencing. The fencing is being done 20 metres from the centre of the main Kiambu road in case the road needs future expansion. The fence is not entirely straight because of terrain, hills and trees therefore it will zigzag in many points.

The main reason behind fencing of the forest is to enhance security of the forest and visitors. It is also for aesthetic purposes so that everyone can enjoy being in the forest. There will be four gates to be manned by Forest Rangers so that they can be able to monitor those coming to the forest and for what purposes. There will also be charging to those who will be visiting the nature trail or for other proposes like recreating or shooting documentaries.

Story & Pictures by Lydiah Ogada

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