Monday, June 14, 2010

KFS Uses Electronic Billboard To Reach Public With Conservation Messages

The Electronic Billboard on Haile Sellasie Highway 
The prominent KFS logo on display
Messages on the KFS mandate 
In an effort to reach more people with conservation messages, KFS has resorted to use of non-traditional and alternative mass media to reach the public with conservation awareness messages.

During the long rains tree planting season, the organization opted to try the use of new media like traditional billboards and the more recent electronic billboards. Three billboards have been erected at Muthaiga Roundabout, Chiromo Road and Mombasa Road near Capital Centre. The three billboards have messages that urge, inform and educate the public on the need to conserve water towers, on role of KFS and tree planting on at least 10% of farms & plots respectively.

A 20 second electronic message was also designed and put up to run on a giant electronic billboard that is permanently erected on the junction of Haile Sellasie and Uhuru Highway , within the Railway Golf Club. The message will run for two months and it is hoped that the same will reach hundreds of thousands of commuter and visitors who use the roads on a daily basis. The message will run until 17th July.

Report by Raphael Mworia


  1. We used electronic billboards from AV Planners for making announcements during a football match in our highschool. It was perfect and clear. The people over the stadium were happy for displaying the players and scores instantly. AV Planners did a good job at a low cost. Here you go - electronic message billboard

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  3. The color of billboard background with the font color is mixed up that has decreased the visibility of message.

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