Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Meets Journalists & NGO’s In Eldoret

The Lake Victoria Environmetal Management Project (LVEMP II) is a regional project bringing together the five East Africa Community (EAC) and co-ordinated by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC).

The project aims at improving the management of transboundary natural resources and co-operation on regional “public good”.

LVEMP has organized an orientation workshop for local journalists and NGOs on environmental reporting with a view to bring upto date the local journalists and NGOs who are critical to the success of the project.

The workshop was officially opened by Environmental Secretary Dr. Alice Kaudia assisted by Director of Information’s representative Mr. Mohamed.

The project is being implemented through four components as follows:-

Component 1:  Strengthening institutional capacity for managing shared water and fisheries resources

Component 2:  Point source pollution control and prevention
Component 3:  Watershed management (forestry sub-component)
Component 4:  Project coordination and management

The specific forestry sector activities include:

  • Preparation of an Ecosystem Management Plan for Mau Forest Complex
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded areas of Mau forest complex (focusing on areas within the Nyando Catchment)
  • Supporting communities in agro-forestry, woodlot establishment and commercial forestry.
  • Supporting communities in rehabilitation of bare hills.
  • Supporting communities in riverine rehabilitation.
  • Supporting communities in identification and implementation of CDM projects to benefit from carbon trading.
  • Supporting communities in identifying energy supply (making of energy saving jikos) and alternative sources of energy (solar and wind).
  • Supporting communities to invest in value addition.

Activity (c) to (h) will be implemented through ‘Community Driven Development’ (CDD) Approach. In this approach, the community is sensitized and its capacity built, and thereafter encouraged to apply for funding from the project to implement relevant activities to the project which will contribute to improving their livelihoods and conservation of the environment.


  1. Paula BraitsteinOctober 08, 2010

    Hello! We are residents working with the local community to conserve and rehabilitate the Kaptagat Forest - which contains old-growth indigenous forests within it. Is there someone i can talk to about getting some assistance with the rehabilitation? I am working with the Community Forest Association. Thanks, Paula

  2. Hi,we are a new NGO (Save Kenya Water Towers),currently operating in Elgeyo Marakwet County (The Cherengani Water Tower).We are still setting up structures with the intention of commencing a number of environmental conservation and management projects. I believe you are not forgetting Cherangani water tower as a very important catchment area for the Lake victoria.We will get in touch, thanks for the work you are doing. David Chumba

  3. The project is very interesting and hopefully many would be active in the workshop. May there be more organizations like yours in leading the people towards environmental awareness and protection