Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exploit environment kitty-Kenya told

Written By:Rosalia Omungo    , Posted: Tue, May 04, 2010

Caption: Steiner said the concept of transition towards a green economy is part of the answer in dealing with food security.

The government has been urged to take advantage of the 30 billion dollar fund promised by the International Finance Corporation to increase the number of projects geared towards environment conservation.

UNEP Executive Direct Achim Steiner says the 30 billion dollar fund announced during Decembers' Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, and which is to be spread over a period of three years, should be utilized to accelerate efforts towards forest and natural resources conservation, as well as climate policy for renewable energy.

"It is for countries like Kenya to seize the opportunity to hold the international community accountable by saying, look we have projects, now fulfil your promise and become a development partner," he told KBC news

Steiner singled out the on going reclamation of the Mau Forest complex, the country's largest water tower that has undergone massive destruction.
He also commended efforts in natural resources conservation and the recently launched drive towards renewable energy.

Steiner noted the failure to reach a binding agreement by the final plenary of the COP 15 should provide even more impetus for developing countries more affected by the vagaries of climate change, to tap into useful resources both with development agencies and the private sector.

Steiner said the concept of transition towards a green economy is part of the answer in dealing with food security.
This move is part of Kenya's vision 2030.

Steiner was addressing leading agriculture and climate scientists, policymakers, farmers, and development experts from around the world who had gathered in Nairobi Tuesday, to focus on the threat of climate change to the global food supply.
Director General of the World Agroforestry Center (Icraf ) Dr. Dennis Garrity noted that the conference will culminate in the launch of a global historic program to enable farmers cope with climate change.

"There are many scientific problems that have to be addressed. And we have to think about ways that are unique, to be able to provide the core benefits of raising more food," he said.

The Conference on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security comes in the wake of talks in Copenhagen last December, where high-level recognition of the link between climate change and food security was reinforced.

The meting also comes less than a month before negotiators reconvene in Bonn, Germany to continue discussions to reach consensus on a new global agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to their impacts.

African leaders have been particularly frustrated by the failure of negotiators to give adequate attention to the food security-climate change connection and have joined other developing country officials in declaring: "no agriculture, no agreement."

Story Courtesy of  http://www.kbc.co.ke

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