Friday, May 21, 2010

Forestry In The News May 12th - May 21st, 2010

Forestry in the news on Friday, May 21, 2010
EA Standard-an article with the title-“Are we headed for Armaggedon”. Despite various global agreements, there seems to be little or no progress to curb emission and reduce the impact of global warming
Daily Nation –page 2 an article with the title-“Sh 70bn to fund green energy projects”
Page 66-An advert by Water Resources Management Authority in partnership with Kenya Forest Service and National Irrigation Board on a project by National Resource Management Project which aims to enhance institutional capacity to manage water and forestry in a sustainable and participatory way.

Forestry in the news on Thursday, May 20, 2010
EA Standard-page 21 an article with the title-“ACK Head urges Kenyans to heed God’s word on environment”
The People Daily-page 13 an article with the title-“Technology: Biofuels stoves hit the market”
Page 14-an article with the title-“Mangrove planting can rapidly silt up lagoons”

Forestry in the news on Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Kenya Times-page 6 an article with the title-“Kenya may pay Sh 235b for climate change, warns Michuki
Page 8-an article with the title-‘Ban drives up charcoal prices in Kwale, Kinango”

Forestry in the news on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The EA Standard-page 12-an article with title-“Nairobi Church, Varsity, AP in tree planting drive”
Pages 18, 19-an article with the title-“Why Webuye cheered for stench and white smoke”. Revival of stalled paper mill rekindles hope for former employees and economy of a town that hat ground to a halt.
The Star-page 25-an article with title-“Hindu Swayamsevak Singh tree planting”
Page 27-an article with the title-“Geraldine Robarts showcases the Mau Forest”. Geraldine Robarts is an accomplished artist who showcased her latest collections at the Village Market with all the proceeds going to the restoration of Mau Forest.
Daily Nation-page 5(Smart Company) an article with the title-“Forest leases to tap electricity”. Kenya Forests Service set to give out 400 hectares of trees to investors to harness wind for power.
Page 27-an article with the title-‘Unep to host eco-tourism meeting”
Page 31-an article with the title-“Study on Aberdares fence out next month
Forestry in the news on Monday, May 17, 2010
The EA Standard-page 10-an article with title-“Mau Forest settlers want President to intervene in payment dispute”
People Daily-page 2-an article with the title-“Climate change ‘to blame for depletions of forest’
Page 18-an article with the title-“Sandalwood: Chief and his assistant arrested by police.
The Star-page 12-an article with title-“Maasai Mau squatters to be evicted” Another article with the title-“Four caught transporting sandalwood”
Kenya Times-page 8 an article with the title-“Chiefs, Councillor caught with Sh7m sandalwood”
Forestry in the news on Saturday, May 15, 2010
The Star-page 10an article with the title-“Councillor, Chiefs arrested over sandalwood trade
The Standard on Saturday-page 3 an article with the title-“University students adopt trees”
Page 23-a picture of Minaywa and Malewa Oduor displaying trees for planting during the journalists Maasai Mara tour

Forestry in the news on Friday, May 14, 2010
The Standard-page 13-an article with title-“Machines roar again at pan paper mill”
People Daily-page 24-a picture showing the  Kenya Armed Forces officers planting trees in Aberdare forest
The Star-page 11-an article with title-“Soldiers take up spades to plant trees” Page 12-an article with title-“Narok murder sparks row.A KFS ranger is a witness”
Daily Nation-page 31-an article with title-“$4bn offered for climate change”
Taifa leo-page 15-an article with title-“Mazingira ni urithi muhimu”
Forestry in the News on Wednesday May 12, 2010
Daily Nation-page 4 an article with the title-“Singing her heart out for the Mau”
20 year old Everlyne Wanjiru Kinyua has composed a song for Mau which she sang at Songi Eastern Mau where the Prime Minister was celebrating the Worlds Earth Day.


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