Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Insignia approved

In the past Enforcement & Compliance Staff have been the only division that was uniformed. However with the technical and professional staff also undergoing the para-military training at Emali, there was need to unify the ranks for all uniformed staff.

A Harmonization Taskforce was set up to explore the best way to do this and part otheir recommendations was to unify all the uniformed staff ranks. The need to internally distinguish one’s station and department will be retained by use of distinct lanyards. The ENCOM staff will wear an olive coloured lanyard while Technical staff will wear a brown one. The Professional staff will wear one interwoven with the two colours.

A dress code will soon be issued to all staff giving guidelines on how and when uniforms are to be worn.

 The unified insignia based on matching ranks in professional, technical and security cadres will be as follows:-

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