Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hidden Natural Beauty That Is Gakanga Valley

A non observant visitor may let pass the richness of the Gakanga Valley in Zaina Forest, Nyeri district. This is only discovered after one takes the initiative to treck down the steep slope which would qualify to be one of the best natural gymns for those struggling with excess weight. The slope stands at over 60% and by mere climbing up and down the hill, one is sure of losing at least a kilo for every two trips they make on the trail.

The Gakanga Valley- The slope stands at over 60%

After climbing down for about 200 metres, one is met with a stunning sight of a water fall which appears from the bushes. This is clearly a tourist attraction. The valleys themselves are an exquisite scenery. At the floor of the valley one is met with some clean water springs whose water is as sweet as honey having been filtered by the dense vegetation upstream. A few metres away one comes across the Zaina river whose water though not very clean, it would pass for mineral water for urban centre inhabitants. This marks the end of the easier part of the trail.

The Chania Waterfall

The steep ascent starts and the only interesting thing with it is only by looking back to where you came from across the ridge. The beauty of the valley is astounding. The top of the hill marks the beginning of another steep descent. Another few metres gets you to the Chania river whose beauty is bewildering. Those whose geography is fresh in their minds will take a quick notice of an oxbow lake at the floor of the valley. This is a breath-taking scenery which reminds you of how perfectly nature can arrange and design things. The banks of Chania river gives a natural set up of a picnic site or if possible a camping site whose tourism attraction potential is beyond imagination. Once here, you are left recounting the reminiscences of your adventure not forgeting the taxing journey back to where you started which lies ahead of you.

The Oxbow Lake at the bottom of Chania River Valley- It forms a natural set up of a picnic site
After the excursion the faces tell it all- it was a taxing but interesting undertaking, its more than spending a week in a gym

The bottom line is that this valley has a high potential for tourism which if exploited can boost foreign and domestic tourism.

It is worth remembering that were it not for the destruction which was done to the once beatiful forest your excursion would not have been as easy. It would have additionally called for tight security due to the many wild animals whose habitat was destroyed. This therefore reminds us of the importance of restoring the forest in the area.

Story Courtesy of J.M. Ndwiga


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    Kenya is truly a beautiful country and I hope for the sake of our children that we stop destroying our pristine land and safeguard it for the future. Trees trees and more trees is what I say!!

  2. Great Article.

    I come from that area and must say that not many people know of this great valley and the Zaina falls.

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