Monday, March 15, 2010

Forestry in the New- Weekend

The Standard on Saturday March 13th-page 4 an article with the title –“Forest reclamation intensifies”
The Saturday Nation, March 13-page 28,29 -an Advertisers Announcement on the Rhino Ark Aberdare completion of fencing by KFS and KWS
The People Daily Saturday March 13th -page 7 (peoplespeak) - letter to the Editor by James Mwangi with the title-“Cut on carbon emissions”
The Sunday Nation -March 14th -page 29-an article with the title-“Sh7.5tn climate change fund big lift for Africa”
Page 30- a picture of a woman watering tree seedlings with the caption-“Starting a process such as planting is not enough; the seedling has to be nurtured”
The Standard on Sunday March 14th-page 4 an article stating that tension has gripped a settlement in the Maasai Mau forests after Government surveyors arrived to begin marking the forest boundaries.

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