Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KFS Senior Officers get uniformed with pomp and colour

KFS Director, Mr. D.K. Mbugua flanks the P.S. Forestry & Wildlife, Mr. M.A.M. Wa Mwachai 
The Director looking resplendent in uniform

Mr. Wa Mwachai officiating the ceremony 
A group photo of the graduating class, guest and their AP trainers

In a colorful ceremony steeped in martial traditions and precision, 34 senior forestry officers took an oath of allegiance as stipulated in the forest Act thus

“I,(officer’s name) do hereby solemnly and sincerely affirm that I shall be faithful and bear true allegiance to the President and to the Republic of Kenya; that I shall at all times as required and authorized by  law,  do my utmost to preserve  the peace and prevent offences against the same; and that I shall to the best of my skill and knowledge, discharge all duties of a Forest Officer faithfully according to the Law; and that during my tenure in the Kenya Forest Service, I shall obey all such lawful orders as may be given to me and shall observe all Acts, Regulations and Orders relating to the Kenya Forest Service which may from time to time be in force. So Help Me God”

The passing out parade was held at the Administration Police Senior Staff College in Emali. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Forestry, Mr. M.A.M. Wa Mwachai who was the guest of honor requested the officers t take conservation of forests seriously because their work had profound impact on the country and mankind.

KFS Director, Mr. D.K. Mbugua, also looking resplendent in his routine uniform also requested the officer to wear the new uniform with honour, pride and dignity and being the ambassadors of the organization in the field to endeavour to uplift the Service’s image by delivering exemplary services to the public and our customers. Another 100 officers drawn from the Assistant Directors would be undergoing the training in the next couple of months.

The AP Commandant was represented in the ceremony by the Embakasi APTC Commandant Mr. Shurie, who recognized the good working relationship that Kenya Forest Service had with the Administration Police.

In attendance were colleagues from field and headquarters as well as members of the officer’s 
The officers taking the oath in the parade grounds. 

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