Friday, March 12, 2010

KFS acquires 29 vehicles for field operations

The 29 sparkling double cabin pick-ups before the flag-off 

Hon. Wekesa tries out one of the branded pick-ups 
Ready to serve! 
The Minister (Centre) is assisted by KFS Director,(Left) Mr. D.K. Mbugua and General Motors CEO, Mr. Bill Lay to flag off the vehicles T

In a colorful ceremony at Karura Head Quarters, KFS received 29 double cabin Isuzu DMax pickups as part of the World Bank’s funded project. The DMax double cab pick-up  is tropicalised for use in Kenya and General Motors provides a  local support network and driver training course is included so as to maximize value to KFS.

During the ceremony, the KFS Director acknowledged that it was a big day for KFS saying that KFS was now building its capacity to be able to conserve and protect forests. “With mobility we can now patrol and deter illegal loggers, we will continue to acquire more vehicles and renew the old ones in the field,” he said.

The PS for Forestry and Wildlife, Mr. MAM Wa Mwachai congratulated KFS for acquiring the tools for trade. “They will help to make your presence felt everywhere in the country”, he said.
The Minister for Forestry and Wildlife, Hon. Dr. Noah Wekesa expressed his delight to be part of the event saying that the vehicles would offer capacity to better manage forests. The project is funding various components including governance structures, livelihood, and rehabilitation, of degraded forests.

He noted that the government could not be capable of doing everything and needed partnerships with private sector or general public. 10% of all land in private hands should be under tea so as to augment Government efforts.

The minister then emphasized on the importance of maintaining the vehicles urging their drivers to treat them as if they were their own and acquired by loan. “Remember they are paid for, they are part of public resources”, he said

He then finished with the promise that a prize would be awarded to the driver of the best kept vehicle after exactly one year

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  1. Carol KigothoMarch 14, 2010

    KUDOS TO THE WORLD BANK FOR THEIR SUPPORT TO KFS. I believe these vehicles will play a big role in assisting in mobility of our rangers to deter illegal logging and forest destructions;Hence more revenue for us, Long live KFS!