Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sustainability- Kenyan lights up villages and helps reduce use of kerosene

A young Kenyan , Evans Wandongo is being feted by CNN Heroes for his initiative to light up rural Kenya using solar lamps made from scrap metal. Wandongo a 23 year old engineering graduate has already delivered 10,000 lamps.
Learn more about the accolades he is receiving worldwide here

His organization also runs this website called Sustainable Development For All

The youngest of four children, Wadongo grew up in a home that stressed education, but relied on kerosene and firelight. Years of exposure to smoke has left Evans with eyesight problems. But more then this, he understands how many young people drop out of school for reasons as simple as lack of light. As he says:

“I couldn’t compete effectively with other kids who had access to lighting. In every home in the village it was the same. Many children drop out of school for these reasons … so they remain poor for the rest of their life. All along I was asking myself if there is anything that can be done to improve this situation.”

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