Monday, March 8, 2010

Forestry in the News on Friday, March 5, 2010

·      Business Daily-Back Page an article with the title-“Green furniture”. An article on why it is advisable to buy green furniture and lead a green lifestyle.
Page 7 an article with the title-“Kenyan firms win UN carbon funds.”
Back page a small piece article by Al Gore on global warming
Page 14 –an article by Sam Makinda, a lecturer at Murdoch University in Australia with title-“Don’t neglect climate change debate”
Page 15 –An article with the title-Political will needed to meet emission targets”.
Kenya Times-Page 7 an article with the title-Maathai starts project to save Karura forest”
Page 8 –An article with the title –“Karura forest to be rehabilitated”.
Page 26-An article with the title-“Renewable energy growth in Africa lagging behind despite massive potential”
Page 27-An article with the title-“Rare elephant species roams Congo forest”
Daily Nation –Page 6 an article with the title-“Two projects set to receive green cash”; two clean energy projects in Kenya have been identified for financial support.
The Star –Page 21 - an article with the title-“Climate change :Farmers urged to be innovative”
EA Standard –Page 7 an article with the title –“You’ll soon tour, learn on nature in Karura Forest”; an initiative has been launched to fence off Karura forest, create facilities for recreation and to educate the public. Another article with the title-“New plot to deny Mau settlers compensation”
Page 14- an article with the title-“Mau, Karura are sure steps to greening”

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