Monday, March 15, 2010

Forestry in the News on Monday, March 15, 2010

EA Standard-page 17 (the Entertainment page)-an article with the title-“Baaba Maal, Raila, Maathai for climate talks”. World renowned African music Star Baaba Maaal arrives in the country for a performance and a talk on climate change.
Page 2-an article with the title-“Illegal timber haul seized”
The East African-page 6-An article with the title-“IMF proposes climate change kitty”
Page16-an article with the title-“Climate change is a colonial plot, Mother Earth will look after us”
Page 18 an article with the title-“It’s possible to reverse climate change in Africa”
The Star-page 2 –an article with the title-“Anxiety as survey of Maasai Mau starts”
Page 29 – (the Word is…page) an article with the title-“Baaba Maal to talk climate change in Kenya”. A Senegalese legend Baaba is expected in Kenya to talk about climate change.

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